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Below what circumstance can ability change a building rent a contract?

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One, during confidential is rented, agree via renting party to talk things over, can change a building to rent a contract.

2, during confidential is rented, the party that rent dies, answer to handle by the following means:

1, lessor dies or stop lawfully, by the heir of building droit or afterwards suffers a person to continue to fulfil the contract that rent;

2, tenant dies, its can continue to fulfil the contract that rent with living person in all before one's death. The person that continue to fulfil the contract that rent has much person, ought to talk things over decide a tenant. Talk things over consistent, lessor changes tenant lawfully; Talk things over abhorrent, be in by lessor can continue to fulfill bear the philtrum that hires a contract decides a tenant, of former tenant live together before one's death the person still enjoys living right. The building happens during rent rebuild, extend, demolish rebuild, send part of the original contract that rent or much cannot applicable, lessor ought to negotiate change to rent a contract with tenant.

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