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Close from red flag road, close from market

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Basic message

City: Lhasa

Area: Area of the area just outside a city gate

Building address: Close from red flag road, close from market

Type: Apartment

Door model: 1 room 1 hall 1 defend 1 hutch

Infrastructure: Water and electricity, gas, central heating, kitchen, alloy window, door of guard against theft

Property information

Floor: The 1st

Front: South

Floor area: 0 smooth rice

Decorate a circumstance: New clothes is repaired

Establishment of form a complete set: Floor, bed, furniture, phone, air conditioning, washing machine, freezer, broadband, water heater, lampblack machine

Beg hire information

Hire: 800 yuan / month

See a room at any time: Deny

Period of validity: 2008-7-11 2:13:19

Remarks: Small-sized perhaps villa also can consider 2 rooms boarding house, need not bedding, the house wants clean, if do not have central heating to need to have air conditioning, consider the house south bedroom face only

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