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The country increases 2 times to buy room cost to hit speculation accurately to

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House price rises continuously, common people hopes the room is promoted sigh. How to control house price to rise too quickly, let more person can afford a room, already included various government working agenda at present, supply from land, bank credit is adjusted to taxation, a series of omnibus policy measure already or considering coming on stage.   

Recently, beijing bank system buys housing to increase limitative act again to the individual, many banks go up oneself couplet network system already opened since the month, below the premise that affirms in inquiry the individual buys house property to belong to loan of first above buy course of study, housing 2 times to had be notted pay off, will implement the standard interest rate of 6.12% strictly, rise head pay scale.   

House price rises continuously, "Speculation fries a room " create room source opposite insecurity is a main reason. There is a report to say before this, subbranch of a bank of free tax zone of the Gao Qiao outside branch of Shanghai of industrial and commercial bank to " Yao Kang Da " one person extends individual housing borrows money 71.41 million yuan, buy housing 128. The fund that uses a bank fries a building, price of drive up house, make a lot of people can not afford a house on one hand, damage social fairness, make a house property foam easily also on the other hand, manage normally for the bank conversely bury next hidden trouble.   

So, to realize social fairness and the function that strengthen the market to superintend, the government does not answer hold loose of this kind of state, use all sorts of methods to command house price excessive rising also is its due responsibility. Before one paragraph, the Central Bank increases a room to lend interest rate moderately is a clear signal, already obtained initial effect.   

On the foundation that adjusts in interest rate, the doorsill that Beijing bank system buys a house to borrowing money the 2nd times gives increase, increase speculation to fry the cost of the room, the earnings that reduces speculation to fry a room anticipates, can let many adventurer flinch -- ― arrives late on April 29 21 when stop, according to the investigation of sina net, the person that already had 34.4% expresses to be able to give up the plan that buys the 2nd flatlet, and rise head pay proportion, raise a room to borrow interest rate to make the person of 84% buys a room to be affected -- the room city that this will give ― insecurity with constant reduce pressure, make room city returns normal moving course to come up as soon as possible.   

From raise a room generally to lend interest rate, undertake limitative to the person that buy a house to borrowing money 2 times only, reflect a room to shift policy " change accurately " . Raise a room generally to lend interest rate, those who be affected is to buy room person entirely, include among them this already the person that very demanding urgent need uses a room, and impact of the person that true to those speculation fries a room is not big however; The doorsill drive up of the person that Beijing bank system buys a house to borrowing money the 2nd times only now, the person that first time loan buys a house won't be affected, it is the interest that protected the person that use a room actually to buy a house actually, reflecting social fairness, it is a progress.   
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