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Economy is applicable the room is most measure of 90 smooth rice new management

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191 order publish Zhejiang province government, " Zhejiang province economy is applicable housing government measure " began to carry out on June 1, this is afterwards was carried out on January 1 this year " cheap of town of Zhejiang provincial capital hires housing to guarantee idea " hind, zhejiang is housing of low income family is difficult in solving town of infuse another " activator " .   

     economy is applicable housing is most    of 90 square metre

A few places of      are building economy when applicable housing, existence door area slants big, construction is endless and reasonable wait for a phenomenon, at every turn above of 120 square metre, let many in low income family stands hard. Method demarcate: Economy is applicable housing area standard is 80 square metre commonly or 60 square metre are covered two kinds model, building of high level, small high level can relax appropriately area standard, but every kinds are covered model addition floor area must not exceed 10 square metre.   

     government price protects this small profit   

     measure is specific, economy is applicable housing price ought to bear with the economy of low income family in town ability photograph suits, according to maintain this small profit, solid administration seat of government fixes a price. Branch of governmental price officer ought to adopt informal discussion, consult the form such as meeting, hearing listens to public opinion, the pronucleus that sells in housing decides the value, announce to the society. Applicable housing ought to implement sale economy plain code marks a price, must not be in mark a price besides collection any without the charge that announce.   

     is lone person accord with a condition to also can apply for   

     explain buy economy applicable house-owner wants a condition is: Have number of households and total population of local town inmate; The housing difficulty family that do not have a room or shows housing area to set a standard under government of city, county; Domestic income accords with the income line standard of delimit of government of city, county. In addition, the age of 35 one full year of life and above lone person those who accord with afore-mentioned conditions, also can apply for to buy or bear hire an economy applicable housing.   

Applicable room can buy economy to also can hire   

Applicable housing can buy      economy not only, also can hire. Be like to town in low income, incapable buy economy the family of applicable housing, government of prefectural class above should arrange special plan to be used at building hack economy applicable housing, for having economy applicable housing buys a qualification but the family that buys without economic capacity bear hire, hire is calculated with cost price, be in charge of sectional check and ratify by local value administration. Government of prefectural class above limits fixed number of year to obtaining a provision (at least 3 years) the economy that can trade in order to appear on the market is applicable housing can give counter-purchase, in order to to accord with bear the family that hires a condition is rental. Cheat buy economy applicable room should punish   
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