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The Agriculture Bank publishs a room to shift new policy undesirable credence cl

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Branch of Agriculture Bank Beijing expressed yesterday, already should publish policy of new individual housing loan all right, new policy will implement the standard interest rate of 6.12% to undesirable credence client.  

The undesirable credence client that the Agriculture Bank indicates is before showing interest rate was adjusted on January 1, 2006, in people bank the system that sign a letter and Agriculture Bank credit manage have inside the system expire to was not returned capital, accrual or the client that punish breath record. To same borrower and its spouse application the 3rd individual housing borrows money, execute standard interest rate or proper on this foundation rise at the same time.  
After new policy is executed, the Agriculture Bank is opposite the first to live oneself general goods housing (contain economy applicable room) purchaser (5 years period above business borrows an applicant) implement the floor level interest rate of 5.85% . Lowest of branch of Agriculture Bank Beijing head pay scale is 2 into, buy the 2nd pass an imperial examination to borrower and its spouse loan of 2 above housing, gradational rise head pay scale.

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