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National revenue informs: The paragraph pays tax to handle property right card a

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Total bureau of national tax Wu issued an announcement a few days ago, rose on July 1, will carry out unifinication management to estate revenue, namely first pay imposition, hind certificate of conduction property right (" first the card after duty " ) , with reducing the imposition prediction of a person's luck in a given year that develop business evade taxes and causes.  

The personage inside course of study thinks, this policy is older to the influence of estate company, accuse strictly to provide estate tax source on one hand, body reveals a country to have the way of industrial adjusting control through the policy of estate revenue, it is the empty usury embellish that squashs to have some of non-standard development business at present on the other hand, normative real estate.  

According to a real estate that does not wish to disclose a full name development business discloses, disorder of accounts of estate development company brings about duty Wu to collect it is difficult to calculate, some enterprises do not have final accounting of revenue and expenditure with the project for, will receive house money to be hanged in beforehand receive course to go up beforehand and not plan income, also have with " white " , " receipt " displace a sale praedial bill, even with buy room door to sign the false contract that buy a house, conceal amount of carry out room, cause revenue prediction of a person's luck in a given year thereby.  

The reporter understands from total bureau of national tax Wu, total bureau of national tax Wu will manage with agree duty first pay imposition, hind the method of certificate of conduction property right strengthens estate the revenue management of all categories of taxes.  

Country a controller expresses tax bureau, duty of agree of requirement of total bureau of national tax Wu collects mechanism to ought to be met with estate management department, the crucial segment that controls source of duty of taxation of housing real estate to be in charge of, overall control dominates duty cause news, repass imposes office between cooperate, accurate, quick pass these information, realize the each other altogether of information to enjoy. The director tax authority of each categories of taxes ought to make full use of agree duty asks for what get in the canal to concern information, dog the duty source circumstance that masters concerned estate revenue, improve the administrative quality of taxation and efficiency.  

Additional as we have learned, for convenient taxpayer, requirement of duty Wu total bureau lets estate answer to make over and sufferring the business tax of pay and value added tax of add, individual income tax, land, stamp duty, every can collect along with all the others in a window, should be in trade both sides deals with property right change the name of owner in a register or pay is collected along with all the others when agree duty. Conditional place, should strive for in conduction estate authority belongs to the place that register to open estate revenue to collect the window, strive for introduce financial orgnaization collect a place, in order to save the pay taxes time of taxpayer and pay taxes cost.
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