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" matter right law " new regulation publishs land access 70 years to be able to

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Yesterday, the Jiangsu that holding saves standing committee of 10 National People's Congress the 16th times the conference holds legal chair, person of give a lecture is standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress the law is versed in appoint Yao Gong of director of civil code room, the legislative heat that the theme is current society attention -- , " matter right law " . Yao Gong is the expert of issue of right of other people of our country research, participating in at present " matter right law " the job that draft. She introduces, make " matter right law " already included 5 years of legislative plans, standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress already undertook twice deliberative, a lot of problem dispute are bigger, have 8 respects and common people concern among them very close, sensitive.

70 years land access can adjourn  

The person that buys commodity house essentials two card: House property card and land card, land card period of efficacy is 70 years. A lot of people care, is the land that the building after 70 years takes up still mine, whether to need to draw out Qianmaide afresh? Yao Gong says, this one problem " matter right law " will have regulation of proclaimed in writing. The country allows add period, but should make gold of sell one's own things of brushstroke land access, as to make how many money, still do not have final conclusion at present.   

" matter right law " call in with the ground to construction the problem undertook the key pays close attention to. The country approves the land that lease to have particular fixed number of year, land access expired, the country wants to call in, the house that builds above cannot be taken away again, how to do? From safeguard citizen demesne belongings and social stability set out, " matter right law " regulation, the country allows house-owner add period has land access. Do not wish like house-owner add period, the country will call in land, but above who does the building put in 's charge all and current still open to question, foreign convention is the building puts in land 's charge possessory.   

Building problem of the access that use the land is the scotoma of existing laws and regulations. Yao Gong says, " matter right law " just allow the regulation transfer land below what condition, will have a standard to operating sequence. Normally the circumstance falls, uniform use construction of sell one's own things of way of auction, invite public bidding to use the land. Collect land to stem from common goal to just allow only. Because of land cannot second birth, act on the managing principle that use the land, " matter right law " access of will clear land and dimensional power concern. For instance, you own the building of 5 buildings lawfully, but crossroads is crossed from top of your home building, the airspace that violated you counterpoises. " matter right law " will have a regulation to this.   

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