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Duty of agree of the Beijing since June 1 collects policy to have become common

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According to new policy of Beijing estate revenue, make over business tax to collect policy to have except the building outside changing, bond also did adjust accordingly: Since June 1, buy average house, impose agree tax by 1.5% tax rate; Buy those who be not average house, impose agree tax by 3% tax rate. The reporter seeks advice from service hot line to understand this from tax of 12366 Beijing land yesterday.  

To the standard of average house, beijing is built appoint released on May 31 " enjoy favourable policy about announcing Beijing the announcement of common housing standard " in did limit clearly. City is built appoint the respect expresses, average house should satisfy the following requirement at the same time: Live  
Curtilage ratio of village building volume covers floor area to be contained in 140(in 1 above, sheet) square metre clinchs a deal below, actually the price under trade on average with the housing on level land the price 1.2 times the following.  

Personage of Beijing land tax expresses, if the house that the person that buy a house buys accords with average house standard, still enjoy the privilege that agree duty halve collects, require pay only namely the agree duty of 1.5% ; If dispute is common,the residence requires pay the agree duty of 3% .  

Before June 1, the expropriation that Beijing agree duty executes policy is: The favourable policy that is used at executing agree duty halve to collect from what live in 9432 yuan of the following buildings to buying every square metre, impose the agree tax of 1.5% only namely; Smooth to every rice imposes the agree tax of 3% in the building of 9432 yuan of above.

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