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On May 11, the 7 branches such as construction ministry " the opinion that works about making price of very stable housing " point out, since June 1, 2005, the country will adjust housing to transfer business tax revenue, the individual buys what the residence is not worth two years of pass on, impose sum of income of the room that press carry out business tax. Average house of more than two years avoids business tax when the sale, average house still presses and rather than balance levy. The personage inside course of study says, this is adjusted will increase greatly secondhand cost of room of room carry out, the original poster is gotten before carry out room weighed in the hand carefully.  

Half of occurrence undersell impetus is place of the person that fry a room is  

Build according to Beijing appoint the statistical data that publish, 1-4 month whole town is secondhand 2005 the room clinchs a deal measure 21763, total floor area is 3.05 million square metre, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, rise respectively 39.61% , 66.88% ; In greatly the constant radical, combination investigation that I love company of intermediary of my home and love home house property shows, 4-6 month, entrust carry out room " the original poster " increased 30% . The personage inside course of study expresses, preliminary count, secondhand the room trades in 5 is become is to be used at investment.  

"Short-term inside secondhand the room may appear the circumstance of undersell, because began June, the cost of carry out room was about to increase greatly. This affirmation can let what have desire of carry out room originally accelerate a start. " house property love the home produces Zhou Dan of classics center director to say. "Current and secondhand the investment return rate of the room still lies higher level. " Introduction Zhou Dan, 1999 - what the room makes during December 2001 is secondhand the yield with current house is in 10% the left and right sides. "Company of broker of house property love the home is accepted those who trade is secondhand the room has 55% about is used at investment, the VIP member of the company has the house of 4 above. "  

"Appear before June 1 secondhand the circumstance of room to the limit of one's capacity, as a result of,basically be " opinion " raised the favourable threshold of taxation, the person that the room holds to await after June can increase. Because of the word in room of the carry out inside two years, business tax cost is very considerable. " Zhou Dan says, "Still one is plant may be, because the sale is secondhand after June the person of the room is little, supply demand relations will be brought about secondhand room room price appears little scope picks up. "  

The expert expresses, of business tax this adjusts a likelihood to make the near future thinks up carry out secondhand the person of the room increases, but from will for a long time look, this one regulation can let a building hold some time to lengthen in original poster hand.  
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