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Protection of Gansu Province 83% of housing starts has started 37 800 low-ren

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Today (26) reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Construction, from the third quarter of the construction of affordable housing in the province began to accelerate progress. As of early October, the province has started construction of affordable housing 206,900 units, capacity utilization rate of 83%; its Low-cost housing under construction in 37,800 units, capacity utilization rate of 80.9%. This is the end of September, compared with two sets of data have improved significantly. Provincial Department of Construction, according to the person concerned, the new project is basically in the first half year planning, land acquisition, approval procedures and other stages, most of the projects in the third quarter, after having started paperwork, start time, mainly in three In the fourth quarter. Currently scheduled for the West, Zhangye, Jiayuguan, Pingliang, Wuwei, Linxia, Jiuquan, Tianshui, silver and other cities and prefectures to actively coordinate the project preparatory work, and strengthen policies and measures, low-cost housing project starts rate 100% of scheduled completion of the state for the new low-cost housing project by the end of September 100% of the start of the objectives and tasks. Currently, the progress of construction of affordable housing in the province imbalance still exists. Provincial Department of Construction official said, and now some areas the progress of construction of affordable housing requirements of the State there is a gap, and with the The weather is getting cold, start the schedule requirements of the increasingly urgent. This year the state ordered the construction of affordable housing in the province's goal of 249,200 sets of responsibilities, the current around the need to take effective measures to speed up the start to seize the critical period schedule, indeed Paul asked the province to complete the national construction of affordable housing responsibilities of the operating rate of 100% target.
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