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Wuqia 1,700 low-rent housing live in hardship

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November 8, the author has just completed Wuqia County suburban Lake Village, Aida does not see the new home of the unemployed had just moved into the family is nice and warm Yi Zi Jiang's home playing with their children. Such as Ai Zi Jiang hardship move into new homes in Wuqia County, a total of 1700. In recent years, in order to solve the housing problems of households with financial difficulties, with the implementation of enriching Wuqia County housing projects, according to the economic principles that apply to take the county treasury to take, Yuan Jiang meeting, residents raised other ways to raise funds by the government supporting construction of water, electricity , roads, heating, gas, afforestation and other infrastructure have been built 1,700 low-rent housing units, basically solved the difficult problem of housing the county hardship. All low-rent housing for the new brick building, reasonable structure, water closet with ventilation through warm. Kang Su Zhenlian last year moved into rental quarters of unemployed Mijiti and said: "We have a 6 person, used to live in the last century ranch house built in the 70s, the barrier and down the water, as an oven in summer and winter, like ice-cold. Government built low-rent housing spacious and bright, with separate kitchen and bathroom, heating in winter there, and we lived a life like city people! "
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