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Rent week in Chengdu dynamic data: an average price of 1321 yuan Muroto

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Dynamic Data Chengdu rental week (December 6, 2010 Statistics) Week, the market price: household average price of a room in Chengdu 1321 yuan / month; compartment households an average price of 1607 yuan / month; three rooms households averaged 2,300 yuan / month Week, the largest regional increase their prices change in the first three areas of change over the same period of the previous month double Wuhou 2.40% 7.07% 0.89% Jin Jiang Week, the sharpest change in the first three sections of the plate along River Road last month over the same period rose 14.15% in Sichuan Normal Red Road 6.64% 8.37% Week rental housing add up to the plate the first three years the percentage of plate representing the city new road construction market 5.29% 5.77% 4.08% Shu Road
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