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Landlord is optional relet whether break a contact rents a house pace of cent of

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Landlord is optional relet whether break a contact asks: The house just hired a many month, landlord is changed abrupt the key, give another person house relet. Excuse me, such whether landlord is OK doing, how many loss ought to recoup?

Answer: Hire a guest to be able to ask landlord continues to fulfil the contract that rent, also can ask landlord assumes him to hire the actual loss charge of the room afresh. If be signed between both sides, is nonsked the contract that rent, landlord has authority to ask to remove at any time contract, but should assume because of,rent a settle or live in a strange place this losing charge.

Rent a house normal technological process asks: Rent a house which a few move should normal technological process note?

Answer: 1, both sides signs; of the contract that rent

2, house-owner examines lodger id card (can affirm Id) to public security bureau, ask for Xerox to regard contract accessory as;

3, lodger examines house-owner property right to prove (can trade to local house property the center undertakes affirming) , house-owner Id (can affirm Id to public security bureau) the unity that reachs two card (namely the property right person of property right card and Id are identical) , ask for Xerox to regard contract accessory as;

4, the contract signs (house-owner square) the property right person with property right card is same, be like not identical the; of acting a power of attorney that needs to have property right person

5, deal with close when hiring a contract, need to house-owner agrees with rental proof; just

6, if house-owner asks to pay deposit, also need to examine above certificate, general deposit does not exceed 20% of lunar hire.

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