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Undergraduate apartment hires house business very hot vigilance group hire a roo

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Reporter from this city company of a few big intermediary understood recently, room source is rental near the universities and colleges of the area such as mouth of riverside of near future poplar, rainbow, Xu Hui rate comparing 56 month want tower above 5%-15% to differ, nevertheless, secondhand the renting demand of the room is local appear exuberant impetus also did not pull costly case prices. According to divulging, and go up comparing of phase of the moon, the near future is secondhand the room rents the price does not have apparent change.

Beg chummage to change for still be more than not quite

The reporter was in yesterday on Shanghai near a few renown school when investigation, the student that discovers school periphery hires house business very hot, the card that rental building gives a student also is full of in the forum of the college. Have even socially special alleged " undergraduate apartment " the website that did oneself, provide Fangyuan information.

The reporter understands, hire room market to present the situation that begs for be more than at present, near universities and colleges " room learning an area " supplying also is enough.

Shanghai Central Plains studies Ma Ji of advisory department manager expresses, as a result of secondhand house business market still is encountered cold, clinch a deal the quantity continues to glide, of the market " valence does not have city " bring about partial owner to turn around turn to the market that rent, the supply; that increased to rent the market at the same time, because wait-and-see mood is grumous, more buying the home also is to enter the market that rent to hire a room to live temporarily. In the supply that increases gradually and demand joint action falls, rent the market 779 months to clinch a deal the amount is small rise.

Price respect, "Room learning an area " rented price August with the photograph is more how old than doing not have in July change, but rose somewhat last year in August compared to the same period. With Yang Pu area 4 flat piece for exemple, this board piece inside have answer day, wait for many famous college with aid, board piece inside one chummage gold is in husband room 1800-2500 or so yuan, 2 chummage gold is in 2800-3000 yuan, all with kept balance in July, but than last year tower above of the corresponding period is controlled 89 yuan.

"Student apartment " look be like beauty

Vigilant " group rent a house " trap

Although room source quantity still is bigger, but the personage inside course of study reminds, when the undergraduate that just gave a school gate rents a house, should put the eye a bit brighter.

Add up to department of market of rich buy estate to tell a reporter about the personage, besides the sanitation that sees place rent a house, circumjacent environment, so called to be in " student apartment " or " apartment of to apply for a job " in rent a house, must check have special administrator, deserve to have the 24 security personnel of class of one hour value. Because according to special provision, bear the living number that hire exceeds 15 people, must deploy the full-time administrator of relevant measure.
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