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The individual rents the room wants capture the understanding before 7 kinds of

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The beginning of the year, aperture gentleman handles official bussiness so the renting contract of the ground expires, the building that leased a 150 square metre in some residence village regards office as the place. The price that has talked with landlord is chummage every month 2000 yuan, the rent that paid a year beforehand 24000 yuan. After a few days, aperture gentleman deals with duty Wu to register to branch bureau of tax of land of the area below all previous, the staff member tells aperture the sir, the bill ability of hire of the renting contract that must offer a house and building is dealt with. The landlord that can be aperture gentleman is after collection hire and did not give aperture gentleman bill, it is handwritten only a receipt. The staff member tells duty Wu aperture sir, after wanting landlord to wait to duty of house property of filling capture of duty Wu branch, individual income tax, ability gets the bill that opens to the tax authority.

Aperture gentleman told landlord this circumstance, want to let landlord go revenue pay tax evaded, open bill setting out to him, landlord however a decline, requirement aperture gentleman assumes this imposition. Because aperture gentleman had moved the thing, begin normal office, paid rent beforehand again, can replace landlord pay for sb and expect to be repaid later only every month 300 multivariate, a year in all 3600 multivariate imposition.

The relevant controller of branch bureau of tax of land of the area below all previous tells a reporter, the revenue management that individual building hires is a difficulty all the time, concealment the gender is tall, the case is complex, the difficulty that ask for a canal is great. This year the beginning of the year, bureau of the tax that save the land came on stage " the individual rents building taxation runs temporary measure " , the regulation begins from January 1, 2007, the individual rents the building needs expenses of duty of duty of pay house property, business tax, city building, education to add reach a place to teach 7 kinds of duty such as royalities of surtax, individual income tax, land, stamp duty to expend.

This controller reminds the individual of building of the individual that rent and operator, when the building that rent, must ask for normal bill to landlord, in order to safeguard oneself legitimate rights and interests, avoid needless loss.

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