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Detail one: Landlord problem

On landlord problem, after the person that rent a house is meeting with landlord, ; of the house property card that asks to examine landlord, Id if he is help friend rental building, the house property card that must have rental a power of attorney, friend so, Id or Xerox; if house property card did not do, ask its issue the contract that buy a house certainly in order to prove its are true the identity.

Detail 2: Property makes check issue

Check problem is handed in to go up in property, the personage inside course of study reminds the person that rent a house, come to an agreement in the both sides that rent, sign " the building rents a contract " while must make check process through formal property, and want state all article inside house in detail " property makes check detailed list " , had closed as its contract accessory next. If appear,had better make clear breakdown, upkeep costs is assumed by who. Have nondestructive to the microscope such as establishment of window of the electric equipment inside house, door bad, wait for relevant charge to water, gas, report, phone whether settle tries to check solid, lest bring needless trouble to oneself.

Detail 3: Cash pledge problem

When signing the contract that rent, ought to make clear, inside how many weekday after lease expires, below the circumstance that does not have damage in building and its establishment, owner should return deposit. Of course, the most crucial is to hire room person to ought to cherish the establishment inside house, give a person not finally with the handle, be able to let certain heart put plot of undesirable Diao Man landlord to prevail.

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