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1. Is the roommate that didn't you come to the person that likes bubble home outgoing still? Want to had understood.

2. Habits and customs whether agree with each other? If you are the person of a love study, look for the person with a tranquil love to if you are the person with a lively love,be the same as; , look for the person with a lively love to if his smoking drinks,be the same as; , whether can be you borne? If he still has other and undesirable hobby, whether do you mind? Is the roommate that didn't you come to to like to rise early or rise late? If you are sleep early early rise person, best escape a person who goes to bed late. Unless you leave gentleman agreement with standing beforehand, can let him keep quiet.

3. Does the roommate that didn't you come to often have a friend to borrow? Have, without, still have now and then? Considering this beforehand is very important, when the place that rents when you especially is not quite great. If your roommate often entertains guests, the with nothing left that the thing in freezer takes, still occupying TV by force, bring the word of a lot of inconvenience to you, that is really too flooey!

4. The economic atmosphere of the roommate that didn't you come to how? Want to know, chummage person should assume chummage jointly, if your roommate is constant,borrow money to be not returned, time grew, you should take him how to do! Economic problem, troublesome and great, want to had considered beforehand!

5. Whether does the roommate that didn't you come to like to raise pet? If you do not like the word with allergic to pet perhaps pet, must not look for those jubilation that raise the person of pet!

6. Is the roommate that didn't you come to a person that does not love clean? If you love clean very much, like to arrange the room sleekly, each thing has the place that it secures, and your roommate often throws a thing in disorder however, always let you live in messy room, are you canned bear?

7. Is interest liked whether agree with each other? For instance: N/HON be unworthy of the honor embed? of maltose of hack of harmonious of  of eat of discharge of bell breaking quilt you perhaps are a person that likes classical music, and your roommate is a person that likes to rock and roll unluckily, how should you do? So, want to be clear about certainly beforehand, it is clear to ask, otherwise, regretted to have not enough time to moment!

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