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Hire the business shop that come to also can mortgage new outlet of question of

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The Chen Xueping that comes from Dong Yang is in city of trade of justice black international bear hired a distributor, specialize in casing of of all kinds photograph. Because cannot offer fixed assets to serve as pawn, obtain loan very hard, often confront the crisis of insecurity of capital have enough to meet need. This year in June, the thing happened a favourable turn. He from Zhejiang stiff city the commercial bank learns, hire the dealer that come although have right of administration only, but also can apply for bank loan as impawn content. After referring loan to apply for 3 days, he took bank loan, and this loan has time long, forehead is spent inside still can use circularly, loan can shift to an earlier date automatically the characteristic of reimbursement, by use amount plan interest actually, not only dish lived company assets, return utmost land managing company cost.

Reporter from Zhejiang stiff city the commercial bank understands, "Business impawn borrows money " professional work begins to roll out from June, the trade that offers application door will hire the dealer that come the value of use is handed in undertake assessment by small commodities city, the bank is worth with evaluating 50% for upper limit to business door extend loan, start of amount of loan of its sheet pen is 50 thousand yuan, sheet door is highest do not exceed 10 million yuan. So far, already 361 business door offer application, through stiff city the commercial bank borrows the fund that give to amount to 220 million yuan.

"Our bank occupies the 2/3 of gross probably, whole justice black business amount of mortgage loan application already had many 500, the forehead that give a letter is spent exceeded 300 million yuan. " Chen Xianggong of commercial bank Dong Bi tells stiff city the reporter, since this business start, the business that application comes to before door with respect to in an endless stream, and analyse according to him, present forehead is spent still cannot satisfy business door far people demand. "Store of justice black international has 50 thousand much business, although press the most conservative estimation to have 10% ,lease goes, so many 5000 business door has application business the potential demand that impawn borrows money. So many 5000 business door has application business the potential demand that impawn borrows money..

Bureau of Zhejiang silver-colored inspect is in charge of person related justice black agency, of 2/3 of market of justice black small commodities manage door be an other place, they do not have asset to justice black, do not have especially praedial as guaranty, the money that how settles them tightens a problem? Business guaranty borrows money roll out even if " timely rain " .

Chen Xianggong expresses, the capital shortage problem that these business shop front of justice black face is an epitome of Zhejiang medium and small businesses, the life and death of these SOHOs, small company lives or die relation the people's livelihood, relation obtain employment, "Next year market is bad this year, but should hold out the past only, still can develop, I believe they have this actual strength. I believe they have this actual strength..
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