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Hot Deal birth of renting the property market

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Data show that, by this year's "9.29" real estate secondary control policies, public investment in Nanning gradually many buyers choose to resell for rent, the housing rent. The rigid requirements for many buyers, they had Intend to buy a house, but the New Deal expected prices to decline, so wait to be purchased, temporarily into the rental market. Keep the house empty for Letting idle Two months ago, the public housing agency by Mr. Wu wanted to sell their set at Golden Bay Flower City Bedroom house, which he purchased the house in 2004, plans to marry next year, Mr. Wu bought in Yuexiu Road The three-bedroom 128 square meters as a marriage room, this small family he intended to sell sets of points are. Often with a customer before you see him this house, but he always wanted to wait and see, after all, he thought to sell them to Get a good price before the value. With the frequent introduction of the property market since the New Deal, from the agency's telephone less, to look at the house about his customers less. But Wu is not in a hurry, "While it is difficult to sell the house, but I do not intend to reduce the price. No matter how they change the policy, I certainly have to sell to make right." A few days ago, he sent a line in space and time post, will be Sell this house for rent, to 1,200 yuan / month the price of rent for a year. "Can not let the house where it idle, the first rental to say." "The recent housing choice rental guests will be a lot more." Brilliant, a real estate agency staff member surnamed Liu told reporters that, compared to same period last year, although second-hand housing transaction volume down a lot, but leasing the business to Better situation than last year. Currently, housing availability, increased gradually, customers want to rent also increased, both a strong desire to deal, so turnover is easier to reach. According to his estimates, since the start from October More than a month's time, where the intermediary point in his rented house resale accounted for as a percent or so. "Because mature communities better second-hand housing rental prices are relatively cheaper." To respond flexibly to daily rental apartments also Tinghuo "Cheaper than the hotels, hostels more than the simple, more flexible than the rent," which is nearly two years in Nanning The rise apartment hotel, on rent in their advertisements. Hotel apartment hotel, compared with the normal temperature is more at home Xin, kitchen gas stove, cupboards, cups, kettles ranging, accommodation prices in the 60-90 yuan per day, cheaper than a lot of hotels. And according to the length of the lease term, divided into a half months, in January, six months, a There are different offers on other prices. The face of real estate market is not clarified under the New Deal, and some intend to invest in small size of the original purchase of the owners choose to rent housing mix Chengri United start the apartment-style hotel. Li Hua home in Guilin, Zhengzhou travel almost every month to ten days, he has chosen to live in an apartment next show on the road hotel. He worked out an account: If you live in hotels, 10 days accommodation costs will need to More than 800 yuan, while the living conditions of the self-same apartments, at least you can save 30% to 50%. Journalists through Web search, enter the "Nanning on rent," the words come out of the search results page there are dozens, they are more concentrated in the railway station, Chaoyang Road, University Road and near the bus station. It is reported that small units Real estate apartment hotel is the place to get together, like the World Trade Center to gather more than a 3 apartment hotel. According to the road located in Xinmin Li Jun apartment hotel owner, said she bought two years ago in the floor of a room of 3 sets A room of small units, the plan investment, the price rose to a certain extent, to sell, did not expect the introduction of the National New Deal, and many people plan to buy Transitional Housing started with caution. "Since the hard sell, to resell for rent." Now at Rental price is 70 yuan / day, if the entire rent as long as 50 yuan a month / day, charge 400 yuan can stay out. To purchase a temporary wait for the rent to be purchased "I had been saved by 6 million, has been critically, and thought can buy a set of small units of about 40 square meters, no need to rent housing, did not expect a new policy introduced, but also shattered my dream to buy a house , and had to continue Continued rental home to, do in mind. "There's Miss Leung rent a bed room seemed a bit helpless, she told reporters, according to the provisions of the new policy, only a small total 240,000 units, you have to pay the down payment of more than 70,000 , But also to improve housing for the future purchase of leaving a "Second Suite" recorded by "hidden." It can only continue to renters. Miss Leung that there are a lot of people helpless. According to industry analysts, the current market from the sale of the tenant to the rental market is divided into two categories. Rigid requirements for home buyers, who originally planned to buy a house, but out of the New Deal Taiwan expected prices to decline, so trading market is temporarily out into the rental market. For improving sexual buyers, the only part of the original houses have been sold, but the New Deal in the mortgage under the constraints caused by increased costs to buy a house Forced to leave the trading markets, moving into the rental market. Visited by the reporter observed several days, on the one hand, like Mr. Wu in no hurry to immediately realized that the landlord will be sold into rental housing, making the increase in the overall supply of rental housing; the other hand, Miss Leung and other similar Optimistic about the price lower, temporarily shelving plans to buy homes and improve the rigid demands of home buyers demand by home buyers into the rental market is also to meet their housing needs, and then make the rental demand has entered a phase of relatively strong
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