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Ministry of Housing and Urban recently introduced "commodity housing rental management approach" (Department of Housing and Urban Order No. 6), "approach" provides leasing houses to the original design should be room for the minimum rental units, Ren Jun rental 建筑 area shall not lower than the local people the minimum standards required by the Government. Beijing Zhongyuan analysis, this group is intended to inhibit the rent. Under the new regulations, Beijing will face many groups rent the status of non-compliance. Department of Housing and Urban regulations issued, standard rental of goods, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the parties lease was to blame. Especially the "lessor may not arbitrarily raise the rent unilaterally", reflecting the interests of the lessee to maintain posture. New regulations limit the minimum housing rental units, while the per capita living area of not less than proposed by the Government's minimum standards, and its inhibitory base rent is intended to clear. To the original design for the smallest room rental flats, do not change the original housing structure, help to protect the security of the house, I agree. However, the inhibition of base rent is not a good policy. Admittedly, the group rented poses some problems, such as black agency, without changing the main tenant housing structure, a security risk, disrupt the housing rental market; such as the number of base rent too many security problems resulting from, adjacent interference issues. And so on. Government rent regulation in the group of irregularities is undoubtedly necessary, but government departments before the introduction of new regulations to take into account the reality of it and maneuverability, especially in the full rental households to seek the views of the lessee, can not ignore public opinion, closed decision-making. An unavoidable question is: why so many select group of rental tenants? If it is not income is too low, a group of people who would be willing to share a bit of private space? Ant for the city in terms of unit accommodation, money to buy a house, rental house, after all, is the width of a few. Wages for so many, cost is no less necessary, and cities, especially Beijing, Shanghai's first-tier cities pay the high rent, rental houses can not afford to separate, reach the per capita living space required by the Government (10 square meters per capita Beijing) , can not sleep on the road now, the group is actually no way to rent approach is to solve the accommodation problem in the city the only way out. Do they bear to look at the government house look disappointed, the road to sleep it? How many square meters of housing rent, the lessee will naturally be based on the actual situation of the family and the economic capacity to decide, the Government requires people to live a certain number of square meters to the tenant not afford the rent, Government rent subsidies? In the price, the era of soaring rents, wages and rental households did not significantly improve, and some people still live in the apartment with the egg capsules in the dwelling. Imposed per rental area, where they placed the living dignity? In my opinion, the government rent control group is not impossible, but the government should have a border management, management of public affairs can be, but can not intervene in other people's private lives. Rental This is a civil act, as long as the lease both real intentions, even if the tenant lease area per capita less than the area required by the Government, housing lease contract should also be protected by law. Pitcher, thigh, weak government regulations can not prevent the lessee renting space at least the number of square meters per capita, but under the policy to tackle this problem together with friends, stay up for you. I can rent the house down first, then let friends and colleagues live here. Well you rent a private flat. Huge city rental housing so many staff functions alone did check, however. Although the functions of the department may authorize the agency to manage the group of property rent behavior, but the property is the owners hired housekeeper, if the owners do not agree, there is no enforcement of property rights institutions, in addition to dissuade them, but what can they do it? Legally speaking, the house only one person has a contract with the landlord, friends, colleagues involved in sharing, rental space is not easy to identify the number of square meters per capita. In my opinion, the provisions of this unreasonable, it could become a dead letter. Treatment "group rents" issue, blocking as sparse, if not respect the reality of the market demand for rental housing, rental housing is not enough to ensure that the lessee needs, the provisions of a piece of paper may not work. How do rent control group in the end it? I think that rent control group, the Government's responsibility is, good service, standardized management, rather than a ban is over. Without changing the structure of the building, bringing losses to the landlord, but also to create public safety hazards, it must control. But the house is rented out to many people, the lessee to live a few square meters, it is the landlord and tenant matters, the Government does not intervene, intervention may not be useful. In fact, to reduce the base rent phenomenon, the answer is not no. Is not built for migrant workers in some cities apartment? Why not build more public and government rent, low-cost housing, low rent to the city "ant" mean? This not only solve the difficulties of renters, but also facilitate government management, perhaps, than the effect of hard rent regulation is much better group.
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