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Sign the contract that rent a house to must want both sides to talk things over

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I present housing is the public house that my bear rents. Not long ago, the management department of public house tells me, the room that I live in already belonged to a dangerous house, cannot use normally, reason asks to move, for this, management department still offerred the public house with one new office for my home.

Because old building is really dangerous, so I must be moved rapidly from, stayed in new home. Now, while management department requirement and I remove to rent a contract often, sign the new contract that rent even, but I am right " bridal chamber " not satisfactory.

Excuse me, public house can management department ask I sign the new contract that rent to it forcibly?

Han Yi puts a judge on the ice: Conclude the contract must be by bilateral party on equal and freewill foundation talk things over consistent, reason public house management department cannot ask you sign the contract that rent to it forcibly.

At present you already were moved into new public house, although you did not sign the agreement that rent with management department, but use this room already actually, the house that reason also should pay this paragraph of time in the future uses fee.

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